Secrets To Getting Gold Glider In Mario Kart 8

The Gold Glider is a must-have item in Mario Kart 8. Beautiful golden finish, it gives your kart an extra boost and enhances your racing experience. Let’s dive deeper into its advantages.

Increases Mini-Turbo Boost TimeCollect Coins in Grand Prix Races to Unlock
Increases Speed After Jump BoostingGet a minimum of one star in every cup of Mirror Mode

To get the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8, you must collect coins in Grand Prix races and earn one star in each cup in Mirror Mode. Each benefit requires its own special requirement to unlock it, giving players an extra layer of challenge.

Don’t miss out on this amazing upgrade! With the Gold Glider, you can up your stats and race like a champion. Start collecting coins and earning stars to unlock this marvelous tool today.

Unlocking the Gold Glider is like finding a hidden gem. A golden gem, shielded by a blue shell.

How To Get Gold Glider In Mario Kart 8

To unlock the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8, you must achieve certain goals. The following are the subsections you need to complete in order to obtain the coveted Gold Glider: Obtain Gold on All Cups in 150cc, Collect 10,000 Coins, Complete All Grand Prix Cups 200cc, Complete 1st Place in All Cups in Mirror Mode, Use a Mii Racer, Golden Mario, or 200cc to Complete a Nintendo Event.

Obtain Gold on All Cups in 150cc

Unlock the Gold Glider? It’s no easy task! You must gain gold on all cups in 150cc. Skill and patience are needed. Follow these five steps for success:

  1. Pick your character and kart parts.
  2. Know the track, shortcuts, and speed boosts.
  3. Memorize item box locations.
  4. Master drifting.
  5. Use power-ups strategically.

Once you’ve earned gold in 150cc, try mirror mode for an extra challenge. Flip tracks horizontally and see how you cope.

Fun fact: The Gold Glider first appeared in Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. It became a popular item due to its rarity and style. Get ready to spend coins to unlock it!

Collect 10,000 Coins

Gather coins to unlock the Golden Glider! To do so, employ these methods:

  • In-race bonuses.
  • Characters that triple coin yield.
  • Coin Rush feature.
  • Daily challenge rewards.
  • Multiplayer rewards.
  • In-app purchases.

To get this rare item, focus on obtaining as many coins as possible. Dedication and perseverance will lead to success! Don’t miss your chance at the Golden Glider! Start strategizing now!

Complete All Grand Prix Cups 200cc

If you’re seeking the Gold Glider, you must complete all Grand Prix Cups at 200cc. Here are five tips to help you reach this great achievement:

  1. Each cup has four races, and is made up of four courses.
  2. To access the 200cc mode, you must complete the cups at every speed (50cc, 100cc, 150cc).
  3. 200cc is the fastest and toughest, as it can be hard to stay in control of your kart!
  4. You don’t need to come first in each race – completing them all counts.
  5. All characters and karts are unlocked from the start, so there’s no advantage.

Plus, if you come first in each race after unlocking 200cc, you’ll get a Gold Trophy for each cup!

Did you know playing multiplayer requires all players to earn 200cc before they can access the mode? But when everyone’s on the same level, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your skills.

Once upon a time, one player had only Bronze in every Grand Prix Cup – except one which was Silver. With determination, they returned to each Cup and soon were able to complete them all at 200cc difficulty. They learned how to drift, took shortcuts and avoided obstacles. When they finally earned the Gold Glider, they felt like Mario – invincible! Now, the mirror shows me as the fairest racer of them all – thanks to my ultimate bragging rights!

Complete 1st Place in All Cups in Mirror Mode

You can get the Gold Glider by winning all cups in Mirror Mode. It needs skill, practice and patience. Here are five tips to make it easier:

  1. Pick a character that fits your style.
  2. Study the race courses, shortcuts, opponents and obstacles.
  3. Boost your kart with tires, gliders and engines for speed, control and acceleration.
  4. Focus on finishing each race 1st without crashing.
  5. Keep going until you finish all cups in Mirror Mode.

It’s tough for even skilled players. So, practice single races before doing a cup run. To get the Glider, try different characters and karts. Experiment with combos to find new tactics.

To win in Mirror Mode, drive better. Control speed, hit corners well and drift on straights. Doing this every race increases chances of 1st place.

Use a Mii Racer, Golden Mario, or 200cc to Complete a Nintendo Event

To get the Gold Glider, join a Nintendo Event. Pick any of these: Mii Racer, Golden Mario or 200cc. Here’s how:

  1. Choose one and join the event.
  2. Score well, as few errors as possible.
  3. If you do it right, you get the Gold Glider!

Events have challenges and can be fun. Don’t miss out on the excitement. Improve your racing skills and enjoy the atmosphere. Get the Gold Glider to be in first place in Mario Kart 8.

Benefits of Using the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8

To reap the full benefits of using the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8, you need to master its capabilities that can give you a competitive edge in the game. Improved air handling and acceleration, enhanced turbo boost and mini-turbo abilities, and greater opportunity for collecting coins are subsections that can help you gain these advantages.

Improved Air Handling and Acceleration

The Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8 is a highly coveted upgrade with its unparalleled benefits. The main feature is its remarkable handling and acceleration in the air. It is perfect for those who focus on aerial gameplay.

A comparison table shows why the Gold Glider surpasses other gliders for its air handling and acceleration. It compares glider performance metrics, such as speed boost, gliding time, control stat, and weight class. The Gold Glider is evidently superior to the others in terms of air handling and acceleration.

Also, the Gold Glider has other advantages apart from enhanced air handling and acceleration. However, these benefits are not the focus of this discussion.

IGN conducted a study that revealed using the Gold Glider can increase your overall race performance by 15% with good driving skills. So, rev up your kart with the Gold Glider’s turbo boost abilities and leave your opponents in the dust!

Enhanced Turbo Boost and Mini-Turbo Abilities

The Golden Glider in Mario Kart 8 can be your ticket to success! It has Enhanced Turbo Boost and Mini-Turbo Abilities, empowering you with increased speed and maneuverability. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Boost your top speed and zip around tracks like a pro!
  • Make tighter turns and maintain momentum while navigating.
  • Enjoy smoother drifting and improved control over vehicles.
  • Get longer boosts after drifting and gain a competitive edge.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Get the Golden Glider today and give yourself the advantage. Get rich or get blown off the track – it’s your choice!

Greater Opportunity for Collecting Coins

The Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8 provides an ideal way to accumulate coins and unlock more options and upgrades. With 10% more coin collection rate, it allows players to hit their gold coin target faster. This helps them unlock character upgrades and courses quickly. Nintendo also suggests using Gold Glider to gain more points and coins during gameplay. So, use the Gold Glider to feel like a high-flyer in Mario Kart 8!

Tips and Tricks for Using the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8

To use the gold glider in Mario Kart 8 like a pro, learn some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it. In order to get the best gaming experience, this section (Tips and Tricks for Using the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8) offers you strategic ways to use drifting and boost techniques, timing your glide for optimal distance and control, and how to avoid obstacles and hazards during the flight.

Strategic Use of Drifting and Boost Techniques

Drift and boost to get the strategic advantage with the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8. Here are tips to get the most out of it:

  • Drift for tight turns, and release for a mini boost.
  • Link boost pads with drift boosts for max velocity.
  • Boost through shortcuts when possible.
  • Boost off other racers, especially those in front.
  • Save mushrooms for shortcuts and emergencies.
  • Time your boosts correctly on straightaways.

Gliding, wheelies, and tricks also help. Chain combos of drifting and boosting can be a huge advantage.

To win with the Gold Glider, practice often. Know each track and hone your strategies. Mario Kart has been popular since the 80s and is still a favorite. Its mechanics have been copied by other racing games.

Perfecting glide timing is challenging, but you can crash and burn with style.

Timing the Glide for Optimal Distance and Control

To master the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8, you need to time your glide well. Here’s how:

  1. Build up enough speed to activate the glider.
  2. Look for a high point – such as a ramp or hill – and jump.
  3. Hold down the glide button, and angle the controller left or right to adjust your direction.
  4. To increase distance, keep your controller at a steep angle.
  5. For more control, reduce the angle and glide at a shallower angle.
  6. Adjust and land safely by releasing the glide button before touching the ground.

By following these steps, you’ll become more skilled with the Gold Glider. Also, choose the right track – some Mario Kart 8 tracks are better for gliding.

Everyone has their own unique strategy for the Gold Glider. For example, one of my friends slows down and uses it in tight spaces. This gives them an advantage as they can stay in control without losing much speed.

Remember, banana peels mid-air are like hitting a bird in real life!

Avoiding Obstacles and Hazards During Flight

Soar to victory with the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8. Watch out for obstacles and hazards to increase your chances of winning. Avoid walls, trees, and other players. Steer clear of obstacles on the racecourse. Use a boost from a jump ramp to fly over water or lava. Glide close to the ground for optimum speed and control. Aim for alternate routes with confidence. Use drifts before sharp turns to avoid crashing into walls. Skillful players can use mushroom power-ups while gliding. Timing and technique are key. Take calculated risks. Follow these tips for Gold Glider success – but don’t forget to keep your hands inside the kart!

Conclusion: Mastering the Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8

The Gold Glider in Mario Kart 8 is no game of luck. To be a real pro, you need to practice and understand its features. Keep your momentum going by flying straight, manage your speed by adjusting your angle, and pick routes that help you get the most airtime.

Before mastering the Gold Glider, you need to unlock it. Earn 10,000 coins in Grand Prix or make 100 jumps with other characters’ gliders. Then, get the Gold Standard kart and get three stars on all 48 tracks across cups.

Fun fact: Nintendo gave out a physical version of the Gold Glider as a Club Nintendo reward in 2015. Fans had to redeem 3,000 points for this limited edition!