Dissemination and training activities

The following dissemination and training activities hereafter described were directly related to BioRobur project. They were significantly associated with Polito activities owing to the mission of this institution and the high specific research activities carried out in the first year of the project.

  • POLITO. FCHJU Programme Review Days 2013: BioRobur project was presented at this event by POLITO on November 11th 2013. POSTER
  • POLITO. Chapter 4 “Hydrogen production in conventional, bio-based and nuclear power plants” (pag. 85-122) written by D. Fino in the book “Advances in hydrogen production, storage and distribution published edited by Angelo Basile and Adolfo Iulianelli by “Woodhead publishing” (Elsevier imprint) on 2014, ISBN 978-0-85709-768-2(print). BOOK CHAPTER
  • TUBAF. Abstract submitted and presented at “International Gas Union Research Conference 2014” (September 17th-19th in Copenhagen, Denmark) : “Development of an Autothermal Biogas Processor for Hydrogen Production” POSTER (PDF)
  • POLITO. FCHJU Programme Review Days 2014: Poster presentation by POLITO on 10th and 11st November 2014 POSTER (PDF)
  • IRCELYON. Abstract submitted on November 2014 for the next International Symposium on Green Chemistry (May 3-7th 2015, La Rochelle, France): “Six-flow reactor technology applied to catalyst screening for the autothermal reforming of model biogas” ABSTRACT


Submitted Abstract “Structured catalytic reactor for soot abatement in a reducing atmosphere”.

Authors: Yeidi S.Montenegro Camacho, Samir Bensaid, Nunzio Russo, Debora Fino.

To be presented at the ICOSCAR5 Int. Conf. on Structured Catalysts and Reactors – Donostia – San Sebastian - Spain.


Title: “Biogas robust processing with combined catalytic reformer and trap: BioRObur Project”
Authors: Montenegro Camacho Y.S., Bensaid S., Russo N., Fino D., Trimis D., Hermann A., Guillhaume N., Schuurmann Yves, Konstandopoulos A.G., Lorentzou S., Gianella S., Antonini M., Marchisio L., Ortona S., Khinsky A.

To be presented at the 6Th Int. Conf. on Energy and Sustainability – 2nd – 4th September 2015, Medellin , Colombia.


Poster presentation at the LCM - Life Cycle management – Bordeaux – 30th August – 2nd September.